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Welcome to General Auto Insurance, the number one choice for consumers. We cover every aspect of car insurance, from general information on each type of coverage to detailed explanations of how auto insurance policies are priced and put together. You can learn everything you need to right here.

We unravel the four major components of auto insurance coverage, from personal liability to optional add-ons, and why it’s important to protect yourself against lawsuits by supplementing your policy with umbrella insurance. We explain how car insurance rates are calculated and the different rating factors used by underwriters, from age band and gender to your driving experience and credit history. We also explain what you need to do before you begin to shop around for quotes, and how you need to think carefully about your individual circumstances and to prioritize the risks you would like to cover. Importantly, we guide you through the claims process, when to claim and when not to claim and how to handle disputes with your insurer.

Insurance Scores

Your insurer is keeping score. How well are you batting?

Insurance companies know that your credit characteristics are very reliable in predicting the incidence and extent of auto claims you will make. These include your current debt levels, the types of debt you employ and your performance in managing credit. By knowing these factors you can influence your insurance score and lower the premiums you pay.

Risk Management

The ART of evaluating risk and reward

The key to risk management is understanding the relationship between risk and reward. When you attain that understanding, you will have a powerful tool to help you manage not just your auto insurance program, but all the risks you face. You will know the extent to which you should avoid, reduce or transfer risk rather than being exposed by retaining it.

Insurance for Special Vehicles

Got a special vehicle? Then get a special policy

Standard auto insurance policies are designed for standard cars, so they don't work when it comes to special vehicles such as customized cars, antiques and classic cars. They don't work because they don't cover non-standard items, and they don't provide coverage at levels sufficiently high to reflect the true market value of an extraordinary vehicle.

Auto Insurance Companies

Putting a premium on the ones who rate

Auto insurance companies come in all shapes and sizes, and big doesn't necessarily mean strong. The four major ratings agencies, A.M. Best, Fitch Ratings, Moody's and Standard and Poor's, frequently evaluate the financial strength of insurance companies and their ability to meet claims. Those ratings are available to help you choose an auto insurer.

Car Insurance Deductibles

How to choose the optimal deductible for you

Choosing a deductible for your car insurance involves a calculation of risk and reward. The higher your deductible, the lower your premiums will be, but you then carry commensurately greater risk in the event of a claim. So how do you choose the optimal deductible? You do it by calculating the break even period for each deductible offered by your insurer.

Contributory and Comparative Negligence

What is the difference and why does it matter?

Proving negligence for an auto accident is one thing, but succeeding in an award for damages is another. Negligence laws differ widely between states, and it pays to know the difference between them. In some states, if a defendant can prove that you contributed just 1% towards the cause of an accident, he can walk away scot-free.

Learn the Basics of Auto Insurance

At General Auto Insurance, we think it’s important for our customers to learn the basics of car insurance so that they can make informed decisions about the coverage they buy. For that reason we have prepared a number of short lessons on auto insurance coverage in such a way that consumers can directly apply what they learn when buying a policy. We even provide short videos like the one below to help you quickly learn about some of the important aspects of coverage:

We also provide other helpful information such as how you can protect yourself against lawsuits by arranging the most appropriate liability insurance, and even cover special circumstances such as how you can protect yourself when renting a car. We also provide practical advice to drivers in the case of an emergency, by spelling out how you should respond at the scene of an accident. And if like many others you run into problems at claim time, we explain how you can cost-effectively resolve a dispute with your insurer to get your payout.

Our job is to help you learn the basics of auto insurance so you can be well-positioned when buying a policy to protect you and your family. The most essential areas to understand are:

  • The four main components of auto coverage;
  • Deductibles, and how to choose them;
  • Discounts, and how to qualify for them;
  • Your insurance score, and how to improve it;
  • Umbrella coverage, and how to arrange it.

We show you how to deal with insurance adjusters in the event of a claim, how and when to make a complaint if a dispute arises, and what avenues for redress you have to help you reach a satisfactory settlement, in ascending order of formality, complexity and cost. We also have a comprehensive section on the different auto insurance laws which apply in each state.

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